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4 Signs That Your Dog Is Overstimulated 



What Can I Give My Extremely Hyper Dog to Calm Down?

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Dogs are more likely to suffer from a lack of stimulation.

This boredom is the cause of many behavioral problems.

To counter this, dog owners will provide more mental and physical stimulation.

However, dogs can be overstimulated, leading to behavioral issues.


A bored and overstimulated dog often looks the same, believe it or not.

Hyperactivity is a sure sign that your dog may be experiencing sensory overload.

Many dogs behave erratically, running around and chewing or biting on things that generally don’t interest them.

If your dog is constantly behaving this way, consider mitigating stimuli. 

Over Stimulated Dog


If your dog is not the social type, you may find that they are looking for a place where they can be alone when you have guests.

For example, your dog might try to hide in your room or under the bed during dinner instead of sitting at the table asking for leftovers.

Dogs seek comfort when overexcited and should have a place to feel safe and protected from emotion.

Don’t try to persuade them if you notice that your dog is hiding or sleeping in its cage. Let them be. 

Nipping & Biting 

Nipping and Biting can come from two primary sources.

First of all, an overstimulated dog that is afraid and has nowhere to hide often resorts to aggression to keep people away.

Your dog isn’t usually aggressive, but if they feel overwhelmed and don’t see a way to seek comfort, they’ll work with their natural defenses.

On the other hand, too excited dogs can also become louder and crunchier.

Dogs play and bite each other regularly, so it makes sense that they try to do the same with humans; this is how they play naturally.

Unfortunately, it’s not as comfortable for humans.

Even if your dog knows it better, it can be stimulated to forget the rules of the house and play too much. 

Compulsive behavior 

As mentioned above, overstimulated dogs can become hyperactive, and this hyperactivity has specific symptoms.

Compulsive behavior is a symptom that can be very dangerous for you and your dog.

Obsessive behavior, such as roost-hunting, constant licking, and circling, are some of the most common acts.

These can become difficult habits if your dog is obsessed with them.

While it’s normal for some puppies and dogs to chase their tails, you may find that your dog does this all the time and needs you to stop it, or it will stay forever.

This is a perfect example of compulsive behavior, and dogs are not uncommon to self-harm.

Suppose you discover that something your dog is doing is becoming a compulsive habit.

In that case, you should look at the rest of its environment and ensure you can stop the behavior before it becomes a problem. 


How do you calm down an overstimulated dog?

There are a few things you can do to calm an overstimulated dog.

First, try to remove the source of the stimulation, whether that’s another dog, a person, or a loud noise.

Then, if that’s not possible, try to distract your dog with a toy or treat.

Finally, if your dog is still feeling overwhelmed, you can try gently petting or massaging him to help him relax.

What causes dog overstimulation?

There are a few different things that can cause dog overstimulation.

One is if they are not getting enough exercise – this can lead to them feeling restless and antsy.

Another is if they are around too much noise or activity – this can overwhelm them and cause them to feel stressed.

Finally, they may also become overstimulated if they do not get enough mental stimulation.

This can happen if they are bored or not given enough opportunities to use their brain power.

What to do when a dog gets overstimulated?

You can try a few things to calm down an overstimulated dog.

First, ensure they are getting enough exercise – a tired dog is a calm dog.

If they already have plenty of activities, you can try a calming supplement like CBD oil or Melatonin.

You can also try training exercises that focus on obedience and calm behavior.

Why does my dog get so overstimulated?

There are a few reasons why your dog may be overstimulated.

One reason could be that they are not getting enough exercise.

If your dog is cooped up all day without a chance to run around and burn off energy, it may become overstimulated when they finally have the opportunity to let loose.

Another reason could be that they are not used to being around many people or other animals.

What steps can be taken to reduce the impact overstimulation has on the lives of dogs?

There are a few things that can be done to help reduce the impact of overstimulation in dogs: 

-Provide a calm, quiet environment for them to rest in

-Make sure they have plenty of opportunities to exercise and burn off energy

-Avoid situations that are likely to be too overwhelming for them

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