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Are There More Cats or Dogs in The World?



are there more cats or dogs in the world

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Are there more cats or dogs in the world? If you’re looking for an interesting fact about cats and dogs, keep reading. There are approximately 1.5 billion cats and dogs today, based on recent estimates. This means that there are more cats than any other animal species. There are also more dogs than any other living thing.

are there more cats or dogs in the world
Australian shepherd and Maine coon cat in front of white background

The UK is a Nation of Cat and Dog Lovers

A survey of UK households reported in 2021/22 showed that 34 percent own dogs.

The second most common pet owned by UK households was cats, with 28 percent. 

In the past year, pet ownership levels in Great Britain increased by 18% compared to 2019/20.

This jump can be explained by the growth in time spent at home and the increased need for comfort during the coronavirus pandemic.

However, UK households owning a dog or cat have also risen in previous years.

Cats Sit All Over World Map; Dogs Run-Off with America, Oceania

Dogs have a greater presence than cats on Reddit’s international communities.

Dog lovers are most active in North and South America, Oceania, and Africa, while cat lovers are more prevalent across Europe and Asia.

The map above shows the relative strength of dog posts (purple) compared to cat posts (blue).

Of the 58 cities that were 100% pro-dog based on the number of comments analyzed by BuzzSumo, Morpeth in North East England had the greatest outpouring of canine support at 11.1%, followed closely by Jacksonville in Florida with 10.2%.

Other standouts include Chicago; Austin; Cambridge; Dublin; New York City & Sydney, all with 9% or more for dogs when combined with their total number of mentions for both animals instead of other topics like celebrities or memes (the average score was 3%).

Australian Cat-Lovers Reside in Tasmania

Cats may be easier to photograph than dogs, but 40% of Aussie households have dogs, while only 27% have cats.

This is according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics Year Book Australia 2006–2007.

In addition, there are more dogs (2 million) registered with local councils than cats (1 million).

However, the picture does get a bit more complex if you look city by city.

For instance, Sydney has an equal number of cat and dog owners (28%) and a very high rate of pet ownership overall—60%.

On the other hand, in its most recent survey, Darwin had just 10% pet ownership: 24% owned one dog or less; 63% had no pets.

If we consider “pet loving” cities instead of cities where more people own pets overall, our list changes again: Hobart takes first place for cat-loving residents; Perth ranks second; Canberra third; then Adelaide and Brisbane tie for fourth place.

Are There More Cats or Dogs in The World?
sleeping grey cat and purebred jack Russell terrier

Americans Are Officially Dog-People

The United States may feature a ‘cat belt’ in the northwest (Washington-Oregon-Idaho-Wyoming are all cat states).

Still, America is overwhelming ‘Re-pup-lickin’ (sorry, Demo-cats!) when it comes to pet lovers.

A new survey of 2,000 adults has revealed that 61% of Americans own at least one dog, and only 39% own a cat.

The results come from an Ipsos poll conducted exclusively for PetSmart Charities and several other organizations.

THE MOST PRO-DOG AREAS among US cities with over 100,000 people include McAllen, Texas; Gardena, California; Jackson, Mississippi; Place, Louisiana; Fort Wayne, Indiana; El Paso, Texas, and Houston (the largest city in the USA). In contrast, Los Angeles remains staunchly feline by 106 to 45!

Our final thoughts Are there more cats or dogs in the world?

In conclusion, there are more dog lovers than cat lovers globally.

However, this may very well be a result of population size and not necessarily an indication of which pet is the most popular.

After all, with so many different breeds across such a wide range of sizes and colors, it can be challenging to determine what breed(s) to choose for your own family.


Are there more cats or dogs in the world in 2022?

More cats than dogs globally, with an estimated population of 600 million cats to 900 million dogs. This is mainly due to the popularity of cats as pets; they are easier to care for and don’t need to be taken on walks.

How many cats are there in the world?

There are an estimated 600 million cats in the world.

How many dogs are there in the world?

There are an estimated 900 million dogs in the world.

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