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What Does Dog in Heat Mean?



What does "dog in heat" mean?

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What does it mean when a dog is in heat? “Dog in heat” is a term used to describe a dog experiencing sexual excitement and being ready to mate. It is important to remember that not all dogs in heat will be glad to mate simultaneously, and some may only be ready for short periods. It is also important to remember that not all dogs will behave aggressively when they are in heat.

What does "dog in heat" mean?
Golden retriever

A Dog Heat Cycle only Happens Once or Twice a Year.

Most people know that when a female dog goes into heat, she will be receptive to mating for about two weeks.

However, many people don’t understand that a dog’s heat cycle only happens once or twice a year.

And during this time, your home will become a revolving door of male dogs!

If you’re not prepared for it, your female dog’s heat cycle can be chaotic – and expensive! 

A Puppy Can Go Into Heat Sooner than You Think.

Most people believe a puppy cannot go into heat until it is six months old, but this is not always the case.

Puppies as young as four months old have been known to experience their first heat cycle.

This early puberty onset can be confusing and problematic for new pet owners.

Therefore, it is essential to be aware of the signs and symptoms of a puppy in heat so that you can provide the necessary care. 

What Does Dog in Heat Mean?
German short-haired pointer

Dogs in Heat Should Stay Away from Intact Male Dogs for 3 to 4 Weeks

When a female dog is in heat, it emits an odor that attracts male dogs.

This can lead to fighting and injuries.

Intact male dogs should stay away from female dogs in heat for 3 to 4 weeks. 

Don’t Think You’re in The Clear Once the Bleeding Stops.

When a female dog is in heat, she will experience a bloody vaginal discharge.

This is due to the increased amount of estrogen in her body, which causes the lining of her vagina to thicken and shed more frequently.

The discharge may be red, pink, or brown and can vary in amount from light spotting to heavy bleeding.

Although it can be alarming to see your dog bleeding like this, it is not usually a cause for concern as long as she is otherwise healthy and has no other symptoms. 

The dog’s vulva will return to its original size, and the dog will stop panting.

However, this is the prime time for the dog to get pregnant, so it is essential to keep the dog away from other dogs.

What Does Dog in Heat Mean?
Jack Russell

The Bleeding from Dogs in Heat Isn’t as Bad as You Might Think.

When a female dog enters its heat cycle, many pet owners are worried about the bleeding.

However, the bleeding is usually not as bad as you might think.

Dogs usually only bleed for a few days, and the amount of blood is usually not very much.

However, if your dog is bleeding more than usual or has other symptoms like discharge, you should take her to the vet.

Otherwise, there is no need to worry – the bleeding from dogs in heat is normal and nothing to be concerned about. 

Don’t Delay Scheduling Your Dog’s Spay.

Female dogs go into heat twice a year, and when they do, their behavior changes.

They might become more aggressive or clingy and start bleeding from their genitals.

If you have a female dog and don’t want her to get pregnant, it’s essential to have her spayed as soon as possible.

Most veterinarians recommend spaying before the dog enters her first heat cycle and before she reaches six months. 

What Does Dog in Heat Mean?
Terrier Dog

Spaying Your Dog Decreases Her Chances of Developing Mammary Cancer.

Mammary (breast) cancer is the most common type in female dogs and accounts for up to 50% of all tumors found in dogs.

It can occur in any dog breed but is most commonly seen in unspayed female dogs.

While any dog can develop mammary cancer, some species are at a higher risk, including the Beagle, Cocker Spaniel, and Golden Retriever. 

Pyometra Is Another Danger for Female Dogs Who Aren’t Spayed.

Pyometra is a severe uterus infection that can occur in female dogs who are not spayed.

The canine estrus cycle is responsible for the development of pyometra.

If a dog isn’t fixed, her uterus will continue to produce estrogen even after she goes out of the heat.

This excess estrogen can cause the uterus lining to thicken and form cysts.

These cysts can fill with bacteria and lead to infection.

Pyometra is a life-threatening condition and requires immediate treatment. 


In conclusion, a “dog in heat” is a dog who is currently experiencing her reproductive cycle.

This cycle only happens once or twice a year, but puppies can go into heat sooner than you think.

Dogs in heat should stay away from intact male dogs for 3 to 4 weeks, as this can cause unwanted pregnancies.

If you’re thinking about getting a dog, be sure to do your research and find out when her next heat cycle will be.


What does it mean when a dog in heat stops bleeding?

A dog in heat stops bleeding when the cycle ends, and the body begins to produce progesterone.

What happens when a dog’s in heat?

Dogs in heat release a scent that attracts male dogs. Once the male dog finds the female, he will mount her and deposit his sperm.

How does a dog in heat feel?

A dog in heat may feel anxious or restless. She may also have a discharge from her vagina.

Common behaviors of a female dog in heat

A few signs can indicate a female dog is in heat. For example, she may start to bleed from her vagina, become more vocal, and have a strong desire to mate. Her vulva may also swell, and she may have a discharge.

At What Age Should I Spay My Dog?

The age to spay a dog varies depending on the breed. Still, most veterinarians recommend spaying female dogs before their first heat cycle, which usually occurs around six months of age.

Should I let my dog have an estrus cycle or a litter of puppies before spaying her?

There is no medical reason to allow a dog to have an estrus cycle or puppies before spaying her. The health benefits of spaying a dog include preventing uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, and pyometra (a life-threatening infection of the uterus). Spaying also eliminates the risk of unwanted pregnancies and reduces the likelihood of roaming and fighting.

What are the Four Stages of the Canine Heat Cycle?

The four stages of the canine heat cycle are proestrus, estrus, diestrus, and anestrus. Proestrus is the first stage marked by a rise in estrogen levels and the dog’s willingness to mate. Estrus is the second stage and is characterized by ovulation. Diestrus is the third stage marked by a decrease in estrogen levels. Finally, Anestrus is the fourth stage marked by a lack of interest in mating.

When Do Dogs Go Into Heat For The First Time?

Dogs typically go into heat for the first time between 6 and 12 months.

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